“As you grow, you will forget what it once felt like.”

So this is my antidote to that.

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  • Have always wanted to do it for a while and often joked with my sister about it. Tried streaming Super Mario Odyssey once but I kind of suck at constant commentary with gameplay and it was super time consuming.
  • Got really inspired by the YouTuber Ali Abdaal, who talked heaps about his creative process and business side of YouTube.
  • Really struggled with figuring out how to configure my iPhone in a way whereby I’d be able to do bokeh. Long story short, I couldn’t, so I decided to invest in a Sony A6100 camera.
  • Also struggled with figuring out what lights to buy that weren’t $1000+. I ended up buying a white umbrella and a Neewer light which served me super well.
  • How does one even edit videos? …fortunately, for switchaboo.com I’d done a few previous videos, but I still sucked at video editing software. So I took Ali Abdaal’s course on Final Cut Pro X (on Skillshare) and rectified that.

- Things I struggle with: How do I use Final Cut Pro X properly? Hard drive space? Camera equipment? Monetisation strategy? How do I grow properly? What does YouTube use? What lens do I even use?

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  • I love that all my subscribers are just friends and girlfriend. Was really grateful to have them support me for my first videos. :)
  • Having videos which got literally zero views was disheartening! LOL I mean, I’m happy with at least one viewer!
  • Every single subscriber matters and means a lot. There is a small joy from each individual subscriber that joins. There is an even more special joy when people comment nice things: I’m fortunate to have good friends and a great girlfriend who commented just to support.
  • I figured I’m going to focus just on impressions.
  • Even with this small number of subscribers, I created some videographic principles. Fundamentally, I set the goal of YouTube as to be one of creative expression and to have fun.
  • Internally of course, making money is still a reason, too — since that would give me a lot of career freedom.
  • I feel like I have infinite room to experiment with.
  • Initial inspirations include Nathaniel Drew, Ali Abdaal, MrBeast, and MKBHD. A bit of a weird combination I guess, but I like the common theme between all of them which is that they just take their videos to the next level.
  • I’ve drafted a full flywheel strategy. Some combination of Twitter, YouTube, Email lists, Blog, with monetisation from Skillshare classes +- other courses.
  • Got lucky with my Notion for Medical Students video.
  • The only things I feel I need to do are: 1. Get better, 2. Be consistent. Ali’s post on the reason for his success being that he was so consistent in a time where consistency was “so vanishingly rare” was perhaps the single most useful piece of advice ever…I think. I guess I’ll see if it really works out.
  • YouTube impressions still increase proportionally to the number of videos I put out. That’s fantastic. This is actually easier than previous businesses where I would put in a lot of effort and often see zero progress, so I feel like the feedback loop for uploading is virtuous enough that I’ll be motivated to keep going.
  • Things I struggle with: How do I do lighting properly? What about framing and composition?

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  • My first dislike on any video was on my 12 hour Study With Me and BTS video. Haha! I guess people don’t like when I talk between breaks. Or maybe they don’t like studying for 12 hours. I’ll never know.
  • I’ve let one of my best friends know that I try to stay more natural talking to my camera by pretending I’m talking to that particular friend.
  • I figured out you can save heaps of space by unticking the ‘Optimised Media’ box.
  • I figured out that rather than mess with Final Cut Pro’s audio, just post-process your audio in BounceCast and then Open Clip >> (add it back to the clip in Final Cut Pro).

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  • This is a non-retrospective entry.
  • I’ve joined the ‘Part Time YouTuber Academy’ course by Ali Abdaal, an inspiration, because I wanted to learn more. I got to meet a lot of aspiring YouTubers and even some more established ones. The atmosphere is incredible; everyone wants to create.
  • Man, there’s a lot of people who are into
  • Joined a bunch of WhatsApp groups with other aspiring YouTubers from APAC.
  • I feel reasonably comfortable talking on camera now, though I always struggle with the intro! That still takes about 10 takes or so.
  • The thought is that everything is in process and consistency, and that’s it.
  • Ironically, still creating at 2am to 3am at night though.
  • I still don’t really know how to add animations to my videos properly. LOL.
  • I’ve floated the idea of using anime only for my B roll. I wonder if this will breach any copyright issues, but it seems like a really fun idea.
  • I have roughly 150 video ideas in my Notion document, and 11 videos posted.
  • My thought is: it would be so cool to have 1 million subscribers. Is that something that’s even possible within 3 years? …I think if within the next two years I have 100K subscribers, I feel like that would be incredible.
  • But I’d hate to become famous. A cloak of anonymity protects people from seeing when I buy too much chocolate at the supermarket. 😂
  • I feel proud of the idea of being a “YouTuber”. On the Trash Taste podcast, they mention that YouTube is actually like a “friendship simulator”. I think that’s a really interesting concept to keep in mind.
  • I showed my Mum the channel. She really liked it and seemed genuinely interested in watching my videos. She said that she thought I thought more than she thought I thought. Hahahaha!
  • My retention times hover around 3 minutes roughly. I’ll aim for 50% retention (I’ve heard MrBeast gets 70% retention by the end of his videos but I don’t know the origin of that theory).
  • I feel like I can say whatever on my channel. It’s low risk. I still feel a bit awkward asking people to subscribe, and my latest video doesn’t even have a proper intro!
  • I’m really excited to be able to grow my channel, between my exam work (i.e. the work I actually should be doing).
  • Things I struggle with: I wonder how I’ll grow consistency over time? What thumbnails are the best? Is there a way I can increase retention of my videos? Should I stick to just one topic of content for better growth? When should I start to monetise with other courses etc.? Does keeping ads on my channel increase impressions? How do I get more impressions/search terms?

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  • Been part of Ali Abdaal's Part Time YouTuber Academy course. I think being surrounded by motivated people in the same places, makes me feel inspired to create more.
  • 95% of people who subscribe to my channel are people that I've met or had a conversation of some sort with. Isn't that a really high proportion?! ...I'm grateful for everyone following. Each subscriber feels like a small win, as well as each view.
  • None of my videos have broken 1k views yet. The closest is a niche one on Notion for Medical Students. "Something for someone" seems like a good formula.
  • Due to time contraints I've actually gotten even less perfectionistic than an already non-perfectionist self, about what I can upload.
  • I have 180+ unsorted ideas in my video idea database, many of them generated from restless nights. I suppose you could call it boundless optimism?

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